School Management Software for Administrators

We don't break our student information system into modules, and then charge extra for certain functionalities.

You get ALL of our features for one very affordable price.

New!   Diocesan Manager
  • Real-time access to Diocesan-wide data/statistics
  • Manage student data/statistics from all schools
  • Manage staff data from all schools
  • NCEA reporting
  • Included at no charge to the Diocesan office


A Single Powerful Database

  • Completely eliminates redundant data entry
  • Access ALL of your information from any internet-connected computer
  • All data is updated in real-time
  • Everyone is always on the same page, working with the same data


Student and Family Information 

  • All family data is stored in one central location
  • Easily organize and track demographics, health information, schedules, cell phones numbers, and more
  • Students can be connected to multiple famillies/groups
  • Easily track emergency contacts, authorized pickup information, medical alerts, and more


Online Admission

  • Easily make online forms available for prospective families to complete
  • Manage students and families through the entire admissions process
  • Easy, online re-enrollment
  • Advance student from applicant to enrolled without re-entry of data


watchvideo Transcripts 

  • Easily create dynamic, professional looking transcripts
  • Extremely flexible and highly customizable


District/Diocese Manager

  • District/Diocesan office can track and manage multiple schools, staff, teachers, and students - all from a central location
  • Facilitates easy school-to-school and school-to-district communication with batch emails and texts, newsletters, shared documents, shared forms, and more


Library Manager
  • Catalog is searchable by author, title, etc.
  • Parents/students can search from any internet-connected computer
  • Easy check-in/check-out
  • Powered by Google Books


Childcare Manager

  • Efficiently track and manage billiing
  • Easy check-in/check-out
  • Parents can check on account balances and add money to accounts


Sycamore Master Scheduler - Our competitors charge thousands for a product with the power, functionality, and versatility packed into our scheduler, and Sycamore includes it at no additional charge.

  • Build virtually any type of schedule
  • Easily view, revise, and edit schedules
  • Instantly see any scheduling conflicts
  • Easily generate printable reports
  • Instantly make schedules available online


Human Resources

  • Easily add new employees and manage existing employees
  • Categorize employees by departments and positions
  • Track CEU's, education, emergency contacts, salary, observations, notes on behavior, accomodations, and much more
  • Extensive and dynamic reporting

Attendance Manager

  • Teachers can easily and quickly take attendance in the classroom
  • Attendance results are reported to the front office in real-time
  • Parents can log-in and check on attendance in real-time
  • Allows schools to take attendance daily, twice daily, by period, etc.
  • Easily create seating charts, complete with photos of students

Centralized Address Book

  • A single, comprehensive address book for students, families, businesses, and any other entity connected to the school
  • Easily search and locate the exact information you need
  • Extensive and dynamic reporting
  • Easily organize by categories and add contact notes


School Calendar

  • Multiple leves of calendars, including master calendar, classroom calendars, sports calendars, personal calendars, and more


School Documents

  • Store all types of documents online.
  • Parents can conveniently access school newsletters, student handbooks, permissions slips
  • Students can access and download assignments, tests, homework, etc.


Safety Alert

  • Exclusive alert allows any employee to instantly send an alert throughout the entire school in an urgent situation
  • A great tool to have as part of a school's emergency plan.


Parent Portal

  • Parents stay informed and connected through school news, schedules calendars, lunch menus, newsletters, and more
  • Parents can check account balances and securely make payments online
  • Parents can easily check on grades, missed assignments, attendance, and more

Student and Family Demographics

  • Easily create customized reports with the exact data you need
  • Create, track and manage an unlimited number of statistics
  • Simplify and streamline state reporting

Complete Donor Manager

  • Manage donor lists, campaigns, gifts, pledges, and more
  • Easily generate letters and emails to donors and alumni
  • Track multiple campaigns and generate customizable reports
  • Quickly and easily generate 'thank you' letters and emails

Grade/report Cards

  • Generate report cards for one student, or an entire class with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Reports are highly customizable - choose logos, colors, layout, etc.
  • Definable grades, including letter grades, attributes, percentages, weighted averages, and more
  • Multiple formats to choose from


Online Gradebook

  • Teachers can access ALL of their information from any internet-connected computer
  • Efficiently records grades, assignments, lesson plans, and more
  • Flexible and dynamic grading scales, including points, weighted averages, skills-based, and more
  • Online dropbox makes it easy for students to turn in asssignments online


Cafeteria Manager  

  • Feature-packed cafeteria manager is seamlessly integrated into the system
  • Teachers can place lunch orders right from the classroom
  • Real-time information on lunch orders and lunch accounts
  • Parents can check on balances, add money to accounts, and even place orders - all online
  • Automatic parental notification when lunch account balance is low
  • Multiple methods for checking students out, including bar code scanning
  • Menus can be planned far in advance, and are easy to customize

Health Manager

  • Track immunizations, medications, doctors, special instructions, and more
  • Easily notify teachers of allergies, special conditions, etc.
  • Maintain ongoing medical event logs for each student


Classroom Management

  • Teachers have complete control over class homepages, grade books, lesson plans, assignments, online tests, seating charts, and more
  • Completely web-based, so teachers can access ALL of their information from virtually anywhere.


Comprehensive Communication

  • Built-in email clients allows users to efficently create, send and manage all emails
  • Easily send emails and texts to one person or the entire school with the click of the mouse
  • Exclusive Pass-a-Note feature makes it easy for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to communicate
  • Exclusive Safety Alert allows schools to instantly send an alert throughout the entire school


  • Efficiently track and manage student and family billing
  • Easily Schedule recurring fees for tuition
  • Create and manage miscellaneous fees for sports, t-shirts, books fundraisers, etc
  • Completely eliminates redundant data entry
  • Parents can securely log into the system and check on account balances
  • Includes QuickBooks integration
  • Includes FACTS Tuition Management integration
  • Includes PayPal integration
  • Includes PayJunction integration

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Manager

  • Allows staff to create goals, objectives, trials, and attempts for each student participating in the program.
  • Staff can measure growth toward objectives and quantify the data.

School News

  • Easily create school news articles with Sycamore Education's easy to use article editor
  • Designate articles as 'internal' so only staff members can see them, or make them s 'external' to keep your public web page up to date
  • Get feedback from news articles by allowing viewers to comment on them


Discipline Tracking

  • Maintain consistency and retain organized, accurate records regarding disciplinary actions
  • Create violations and consequences, and log daily discipline events for each student
  • Send information to parents with details of any violation and the resulting consequences.


Exclusive Pass-A-Note Feature

  • The Pass-a-Note (PAN) feature makes it easy for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to communicate
  • PAN's can be sent to an individual, or to an entire list with the click of a button
  • PAN's can be sent as text messages to your cell phone.  
  • Unlike email, PAN's eliminate the risk of viruses, and they allow the sender to confirm that the message was delivered
  • PAN's can significantly reduce the number of phone calls to the front office.


Bar Code Scanning

  • Expedite lunch lines, streamline the process of checking students in and out of the childcare manager, and more.


Service Manager

  • Easily and efficiently track service or volunteer hours on a per student or per family level
  • Allow students to enter their own time/hours online.

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